Monday, September 3, 2007

Week One Truths from Lamar’s Preseason Predictions

Tennessee: "The Vols lost several key members of their secondary…Does this team have a solid defense? SPLIT DECISION. I believe the defense will get better as time goes by, but the defensive weakness will be tested in the first game of the season against Cal. If Tennessee can execute a decent pass rush and player good pass coverage in the secondary in the first game they will have answered all my doubts about their football team. If not, they may be in trouble."
"If the Vols can show improvement on the defensive side of the ball and pick up where they left off on offense they should win the eastern division. However, they are not a dominate football team and could easily lose to both UGA and USC which would cost them a trip to the dome."

Auburn: "The offensive line may struggle early, but they still shouldn’t be as bad as last season. By the time the first big game roles around (FL Sept. 29) this team should be ready to rock and roll."

LSU: "The offense is the reason why I’m not totality sold on this team. I’m sure they will hang 50 plus on Mississippi State in week one, but I’m not sold on their week in and week out capabilities."

Miss. State: "There is no doubt Miss. State will once again have the worst offense in the SEC."

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