Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday News and notes

Mark Richt Closes UGA Practice for the First Time Ever!

Alabama coach Nick Saban used to work for Bill Belichick, the sneakiest spy in sports since Moe Berg.
Not only that, last year while coaching the NFL's Miami Dolphins, Saban's team was accused of stealing signals — against the New England Patriots, no less.

They are taking precautions around Georgia. The Bulldogs, on a totally unrelated note (wink, wink), have closed practice all week for the first time in the Mark Richt era.

Coach Orgeron a Jackleg?

According to deepsouthsports.net this letter appeared in the Oxford Eagle.

This summer, our family was at a little league baseball game at Batesville, and Coach Orgeron was there. Many children stood in line to get an autograph from this arrogant man. Unfortunately, my five year old was one of many who waited.

He waited until the game was over, so as not to bother him while the game was going on. He stood there waiting with his Florida Gator team hat (the five year old that is). When his turn came, he was very rudely turned away by Orgeron. He told my son he was not going to sign his hat because it was a Florida hat.

My five year old had no idea why he was denied by this person, who must have been a great man because everyone was standing in line to get his signature. The look on my child's face when he turned around to walk away, hanging his head, would have made any real man sad.

My heart hurt so bad for my little man. My mother always told me, "Give a man a little power and his true character will appear". Coach Orgeron's true character was seen that day, to be sure. Coach Orgeron is the little man, and that day my son walked away the bigger one.

A mother whose heart hurt that day,

Sally Summerman
Photo Credit: Lamar Echols


Anonymous said...

I always knew Coach O was an ass!

Anonymous said...

Richt is wise to make such a move.