Friday, August 3, 2007

Exclusive: SEC Tailgate talks with 2003 pick'em champ Chris Zorn- Edited

Chris Zorn has been an SEC season ticket holder for several years now. In fact, his ticket status goes back to his days as a student at UGA. Georgia football runs deep in his blood as his mom used to cheer on Vince Dooley and Hershel Walker. Now he is ready for the 2007 season to get started.

Z-Money is the CEO of one of the most successful small businesses in Georgia. Chris transfers his business knowledge over to the football field where he is a top finisher in college pick’em each season. He took time out of his demanding schedule to speak with us. Mr. Zorn was not shy about his true feelings. For starters, this season he feels good about three teams: West Virginia, LSU, and USC.

SEC Tailgate: Are you excited about this upcoming season of college football?

Z-Money: I’ve been very upset with the way pick’em has gone lately. Unfortunately we have people winning these days who know nothing about college football. It is a joke. They get lucky because they don’t know anything about the sport. Have you ever heard the saying sometimes what you don’t know won’t hurt ya?

I can tell you one thing; the people who keep up with the sport are going to take the title back. But you know what’s funny; people who are sports writers can’t even win the league. My prediction 27 days before the season is that Chris Zorn or Lamar Echols will take home title because they are the only ones who know their ass for a hole in the ground. Buchanan has no idea what he’s doing. He doesn’t make informed decisions, one week he’ll pick Arkansas State to beat Alabama then the next week he’s picking Central Florida to beat Tennessee in Knoxville. He will not win again.

SEC Tailgate: Who do you like in the SEC this season?
Z-Money: I like Florida to win the east and LSU to win the west. The champion will be LSU.
SEC Tailgate: Who do you think will win the national championship?
Z Money: LSU will have chance as long as they don’t lose any games late in the season. If they stumble then USC will win because they don’t play an SEC schedule. But USC does have to play CAL, UCLA, and OR on the road so it will not be all that easy.

SEC Tailgate: Who will win the Heisman Trophy?
Z-Money: One of the West Virginia guys, either Slaton or White.

SEC Tailgate: How do you feel about Carten being a professional sports writer but not winning the league since 2001?
Z-Money: It is pathetic; his job is to know sports. If I worked 40 hours a week in sports I’d be a three time winner.

SEC Tailgate: Who wins UGA/Alabama game?
Z-Money: UGA by a touchdown in close game

SEC Tailgate: Will UGA finally beat FL?
Z-Money: Tough call, UGA will probably stumble again. They have let me down one too many times in Jacksonville.
SEC Tailgate: What is the best game you ever attended?
Z-Money: UGA Vs. Tennessee in 2000 or UGA Vs. Auburn in 2002.
SEC Tailgate: What is the worst game you ever attended?
Z-Money: UGA Vs. AU 2001
Photo Credit: Rebecca Brannon


Jason Burns said...

That Buchanan guy must be an idiot.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I hope Carten doesn't work for ESPN

Jeremy Buchanan said...

That Buchanan guy may be an idiot, but he has won 2 out of the last 3 seasons. The Godfather is the only one who has ever matched this feat.

John Bird said...

He probably does work for ESPN.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone play in the pick'em league?

Lamar Echols said...

I'm glad to see all the excitement around here a full month before the season starts.