Sunday, August 19, 2007

SEC Preview, Part 1: The SEC Crapper- Miss. State

Each season there are always a few teams in the SEC who have no chance at a winning season. This SEC preview begins with the teams who will be excited to appear on JP Sports at 11:30 CT. As a result, these teams will receive the least coverage because they are a huge waste of time.

Mississippi State:

Overview: The Bulldogs will once again be the worst team in the SEC. Another three or four win season should be enough to put this cellar dweller in the market for a new head coach come November.

One of the biggest problems facing MSU is the fact no one wants to play there. It really doesn’t matter who is holding the clip board if each recruiting class looks more like an ACC team. The last three recruiting classes have been ranked 39th, 44th, and 33rd nationally.

Offense: There is no doubt Miss. State will once again have the worst offense in the SEC. For starters, they cannot seem to find a solid QB. If Michael Henig can stay healthy there might be a chance they may find the end zone a few more times than last season but not enough to show significant improvement.

Defense: Only 1 starter returns to a defensive line that often got pushed around late in games. The good news is All-American JUCO transfer Jessie Bowman will come in and make a difference right away. Look for announcers to call his name early and often. The good news on defense is there should be decent depth at linebacker. The Bulldogs need this group to step up if they are going to get out of the SEC crapper.

Conclusion: It will be impossible for coach Croom to win more than three or four games this season. The SEC may lose some respect points when the Dogs travel to West Virginia on Oct. 20th. The very best case scenario would be a five win season, but would require wins over Kentucky and Ole Miss.

Lamar’s Pick: 3-9 record and a last place finish in the SEC West.


Ace said...

Miss St. will beat Auburn and Alabama in 07'

Anonymous said...

Maybe in field hockey.