Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some Auburn Fans Are Close to Tears

All over the Internet Auburn fans seem to be working themselves into a frenzy. They are very upset because of the recruiting class being put together by the Tigers. Wait a minute, didn't AU just sign the No. 7 class in all of college football back in February? Yep. Auburn fans are upset about the 2008 class, forget about what happened a few months ago.

I think this is crazy because it is way too early to panic. Who knows what is going to happen between now and next year. The crisis has gotten so big that Phillip Marshall has written a blog entry about it. For those of you too lazy (like Carten) to click the link, the title of the story is: No one at AU alarmed about recruiting.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Top Cop in Athens Speaks About UGA Football Arrests

This is an ugly story but it must be reported. It looks like this is not the only news source covering the UGA football arrests. UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson was contacted by the AJC about the number of football players who have been arrested.

From the AJC, "Williamson said his force is not targeting athletes. He said he, too, hates to read in the newspaper that Georgia football players — or UGA students in general, for that matter — have gotten into trouble with the law."

“Just because they play football doesn’t remove them from handling the responsibilities we all have,” Williamson said. “It could be argued that it’s even more important since thet are football players. But my officers probably didn’t know whether they played football or not. And even if they did, should that make a difference? Let’s say these officers cut these kids a break and it gets back to the NCAA. Where would we be now?”

SEC Vs. ACC $$$

There is no doubt the SEC is better than the ACC in football. However, I thought it would be interesting to see how they stacked up against us in terms of dollars.


1. Nick Saban, Alabama $4 million
2. Urban Meyer, Florida $3.25 million
3. Tommy Tuberville, Auburn $2.23 million
4. Phillip Fulmer, Tennessee $2.05 million
5. Mark Richt, Georgia $2.0 million

Average top five SEC salary: $2.7 million

Now compare that to our friends over in the mighty ACC.

The highest-paid coaches in the ACC (based on 2006 numbers):

Coach, school, per season

1. Frank Beamer, VT $2 million
2. Al Groh, UVA $1.7 million
3. Bobby Bowden, FSU $1.61 million
4. Ralph Friedgen, Maryland $1.6 million
5. Tommy Bowden, Clemson $1.1 million

Average top five ACC salary: $1.6 million

What does all of this mean? It pays to coach in the top conference in college football. Note that the highest paid coach in the ACC is tied with the fifth highest paid coach in the SEC at 2 million. The SEC wins this matchup by $1.1 million dollars.

Come back later to see how the SEC/ACC matchup in football attendance.

New Mississippi State Bulldogs Fight Song

From the same great people who brought you the "Coach O song."

Former Auburn Coach Terrry Bowden Hired by Daddy, Well Sort Of

According to news reports, "Bowden will not be a coach at FSU, instead, he will be an observer. Sounds like the former Auburn coach is ready to make a return to the coaching scene after spending the past few years in the press box."

It will be interesting to see if something more comes of this move by Terry Bowden. Could his dad be setting it up for him to take over at FSU? I find this to be very doubtful, considering Jimbo Fisher is roaming the sidelines. Also, I don't think the powerful boosters would be keen on the idea. At best, this could open up an opportunity for Terry to coach elsewhere.

We should keep in mind Terry had a 47-16-1 record while at Auburn. For more information on Terry Bowden visit his official website: terrybowden.com

SEC Arrest Update: Updated for new arrest

University of Georgia:

So far this summer the SEC has only had players arrested from two teams. The University of Georgia is currently leading the conference with five players arrested thus far. According to the USA Today, “TE Tripp Chandler, the No. 1 tight end on the depth chart, and third-string QB Blake Barnes are likely to be suspended for the first game, if not more, of the 2007 season after they were arrested and jailed on June 10 for what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution coined "alcohol-related violations."

The next dawg sent to the big house was Defensive tackle Paul "Tripp" Taylor. He was "charged with simple assault. During the fight, the bones of the victim were fractured around the 16-year-old's eye and a 17-year-old sustained bruising and scratches.”

Finally, last week it was reported that Caleb King was "arrested for driving with a suspended license and going the wrong way down a one-way street."

Update: According to the AJC, "Georgia tight end NaDerris Ward became the second player arrested and jailed after a traffic stop in as many weeks Friday." Ward was expected to start at tight end because regular starter "Tripp Chandler is facing a 1.2-game suspension after being arrested on an alcohol-related charge earlier in the summer."

"Ward's arrest does not merit an automatic suspension as Chandler's did. Georgia coach Mark Richt evaluates the punishment for traffic violations on case-by-case basis."


The University of Alabama has seen two players go to jail this summer. "Jail records show defensive lineman Brandon Deadrick, 18, was released on $1,500 bond, and running back Roy Upchurch, 22, was freed on $300 bond." The players were charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest and giving a false name. However, coach Saban has decided that the teammates of the two players should choose the proper punishment instead of a member of the coaching staff.

University of Florida

The Gators have had 5 players arrested this summer.

Dave Rowe Finished at LF

Note: Due to formatting issues this post may appear as one paragraph. We apoligize to your eyes in advance.
It has come to our attention here at SEC Tailgate that Dave Rowe will no longer be employed at Lincoln Financial Sports. For the past 12 years SEC fans have dreaded the news that their team would be appearing on LF Sports.
Games with LF Sports always bring to mind two things. First, in the central time zone it means arriving at the stadium around 10:30 am in order to get seated for the 11:30 am kickoff while suffering in the heat of the deep south while still recovering from a late Friday night. Second, if you are watching on TV it means hearing some of the worst color commentary in all of sports. In fact, this past season I started listening to the commentary from satellite radio to avoid the dreadful comments by the LF Sports team. Despite a 3o second delay, the radio was the wiser choice.
We can only hope that Lincoln Financial Sports will hire a new commentator worthy of calling Southeastern Conference football.
Photo Credit: lfsports.com

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

College Pick'em Champs

College Football Pick'em Champions

2006: Jeremy Buchanan (1st place out of 11)
2005: Lamar Echols (1st place out of 14)
2004: Jeremy Buchanan (1st place out of 7)
2003: Chris Zorn (1st place out of 10)
2002: Lamar Echols (1st place out of 13)
2001: Ernest Faulkner (1st place out of 3)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

2006 Final Standings

Final 2006 Pick'em Top 5

(1) Jeremy Buchanan, 621 points, 99.7%
(2) Lamar Echols, 614 points, 99.1%
(3) Chris Zorn, 608 points, 98.1%
(4) Will Grant, 602 points, 96.8%
(5) Ernest Faulkner, 586 points, 92.4%