Thursday, August 23, 2007

SEC Preview, Part 6: Can the 4 million dollar man take Alabama to Atlanta in '07?

Overview: The hiring of Nick Saban has been the talk of the college football world. If Alabama were given a win for each hour of media coverage they have gotten over the past few months, they could be crowned national champs without ever having to play a game. Fortunately for the rest of the SEC, the Tide actually must win their way to Atlanta.

The last three recruiting classes were ranked 10, 11, and 18 for an average ranking of 13. If this were an ACC team they would probably be in the championship game every other season. However, in a deep conference such as the SEC, Alabama has struggled mightily the past two seasons.

Offense: The offense will be the strength of this football team. The Tide returns an experienced QB in Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson and a talent crop of receivers who can run after the catch. Alabama should not have a problem replacing Darby at running back after he struggled through his senior season. The offensive line should have no problem giving Sarah Jessica Park Wilson time to throw the ball.

Defense: This is a huge question mark going into the season. Alabama fans have to feel uneasy as their defense has always been their trademark. New defensive coordinator Kevin Steele has switched the defensive over to a 3-4 look in the hope of getting more pressure on opposing QBs. The secondary will be the best unit on the defensive side of the ball and must be able to play man coverage if the Tide expects to have an improved pass rush.

In case you are wondering, “Money” is back for his senior season at kicker, but he may have a tough time holding off Mr. Tiffin for the starting job.

Conclusion: All of the hype and off season talk of a division championship will quickly turn to “they should be better next season” and “this is a rebuilding year.” Nick Saban is a good football coach but he just can’t be expected to turn the program around in just a few months.

Lamar’s Pick: Alabama will finish 7-5 overall and 4-4 in the SEC putting them at third place in the SEC West. SEC wins will come at the expensive of Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Ole miss, and Mississippi State. They will lose to Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, and Auburn. They will also lose an out of conference match up against FSU.
You may also find it interesting that Katrina Aid is going toward football condos in T-Town.

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