Monday, September 3, 2007

Random Thoughts About Week 1

1. Thank GOD the Preseason is over! College football is completely different then any other sport. There are no preseason games and there are no playoffs. Each team must go out and play twelve games as though each is a playoff game. To me there is nothing worse than the preseason when everyone is giving out nothing but opinions, I’m glad the playing football part is actual here.

2. Michigan ohhh Michigan: According to ESPN, when Michigan lost to Appalachian State this weekend it became the biggest upset in college football history. I’m very happy to report that the contributors of this blog were not fooled by the preseason hype given to Michigan. In fact, you can see that not one of our voters placed Michigan on their top five ballot. What could us regular guys have seen about this team that the people who work for ESPN and Sports Illustrated couldn’t? Maybe Michigan really wasn’t the fifth best team in the country from the start and it really wasn’t that big of an upset after all. Maybe teams should not be ranked based on the name of their University and should be judged by what kind of football team they have. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Michigan jump up to third in the AP poll and Notre Dame leap into the top ten after their first week performances.
3. Texas is not really number FOUR! Texas barely got by Arkansas State by a final score of 21-13. I'll be curious to see how the voters will respond to such a lousy performance.

4. Just put the damn ball in the end zone! Auburn struggled mightily on offense Saturday night against Kansas State, but Auburn’s defense was good enough to keep them in the game long enough to win. Time will tell whether Kansas State’s defense is as great as Auburn made them look, but there are still serious questions about the Tigers offense. I ran across another blogger who shares the same concerns as I do, so I thought I let him give you the run down of what happened this past weekend in Auburn.

From the Bleachers Blog:

As I feared, the Auburn offense hasn't progressed much since the Cotton Bowl. As in most of 2006, the offensive line wasn't able to open holes for the running backs with eight or nine defenders in the tackle box, and the the receivers couldn't break out of man coverage fast enough to bail out a constantly under assault Brandon Cox. Cox, who once again had to man up and take a severe beating, didn't help himself any by often holding the ball too long and throwing two terrible interceptions.
It's well worth giving credit to Al Borges for changing his attack for the game-winning drive, and to Cox and his teammates for executing that drive so well, but c'mon, guys, why did you wait 56 minutes to change things up? It was painfully obvious by the second quarter that Auburn just wasn't getting anything going on offense. The game plan was as vanilla as Dairy Queen and as predictable as an old soap opera. As I've said many times in the past, when I can predict the next play, there's a problem.
What's worse, some of Borges' decisions just didn't make any sense. I love Carl Stewart. He's the best pure fullback Auburn has had since Fred Beasley, but he's, er, a fullback. For all his many gifts, Stewart just doesn't have the speed to carry the ball on a toss sweep. Put him out there to kill a linebacker or cornerback and break loose a ball carrier, but don't ask him to turn the corner. That's a waste of your resources.

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