Thursday, September 13, 2007

A look back at week 2

By: The Godfather
After much thought, a look back on week two of the college football season.

1. Football is not all that important: This week marks the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country. It also marked the week the U.S. commander in Iraq gave the nation an update of the situation on the ground. I was ashamed and embarrassed at the questions and comments directed toward our General who has dedicated his life to his country. Furthermore, we continue to see an increasing focus on the 2008 Presidential election that will be very important to American history. With so many important things going on in our country it is very difficult for me to focus on sports.

More importantly, all of these events help to remind me football is not all that important in the big scheme of things. If people would put half as much energy into supporting our troops or being involved in government as they did with football we would live in a better country.
2. Auburn’s Offense is terrible: I can’t believe that a team like Auburn can be so bad on offense. Auburn recruits well and even has Mr. Alabama football playing QB who also happens to be a fifth year senior. I’m not exactly sure what is missing, but I hope a solution is found sooner rather than later. It is one thing to lose a football game, but it is something different to look the way Auburn has the first two weeks on the offensive side of the ball.

3. Rutgers is a joke: I know Rutgers is coming off a successful football season, but they are still a joke. I knew something was up when I was watching a reply of the Louisville game from last year when I noticed the student section chanting “we will, we will, rock you” late in the second half. Apparently they don’t have much tradition and this is the best they can come up with. When I played freshman football I thought the chant was lame and now it is the official chant of Rutgers football. However, I must admit this chant is better than what was coming out of the Rutgers student section last week. Once they were comfortably ahead of Navy they started chanting “F--- you, Navy. F--- you, Navy” and they were even taunting some of the Navy players.

The losers who were saying such things are ignorant to say the least. These guys out there playing for Navy have much bigger lives than college football. Most of them will end up serving five year stints in the military supporting a nation who is fighting a global war on terrorism. They are heros! Most of the assholes making these chants can only dream of being admitted to a school like the Naval Academy, much less dedicating their lives to a cause greater than themselves. I personally will pull against Rutgers in every game they play no matter who they are playing for the rest of the season and maybe even longer.

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Doba Doba said...

Well spoken Godfather. That is shameful of Rutgers. Now we can all take part in the hate-fest against RU.