Thursday, August 9, 2007

Exclusive: Rob may enter 2007 SEC Tailgate pick'em league!

Rumors are running rapidly across the internet that Robert Madray may enter the 2007 college pick’em league sponsored by SEC Tailgate. Nothing could be confirmed immediately, but a source considered close to the situation said that “he [Robert Madray] is in the process of testing the waters.” The source went on to say “this is a real grassroots movement, there are many excited about the possibility. But who knows if it will become a reality.”

In addition, a former employee of Mr. Madray did disclose to SEC Tailgate that Rob had begun preparations to enter the league. In fact, the former employee said to look out for a “major announcement from Blythe Island in the next few weeks. On the other hand, there are many reasons to doubt he will enter the 2007 pick’em league.

For starters, his ability to use the internet may be a major obstacle. Many believe his internet skills to be “virtually nonexistent.” Also, ESPN requires each player to submit picks weekly and many league members doubt Rob’s prolonged commitment to such a vigorous activity. Only time will tell if “Mad Dog Madray” will enter the race to be number one, keeping his fans on the edge of their seat.


Larry King said...

My God!

Lamar Echols said...

I'm glad to see Larry King reads our blog.

Anonymous said...

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