Thursday, August 9, 2007

John Daly has lead at PGA Championship: Updated

Update: We just learned that John Daly was the first day leader without even playing a practice round before starting the tournament. Check the comments on this post for further updates.
Today SEC alum John Daly went to the clubhouse with the lead in the last major of the year. This may be a big surprise to the lazy folks in the golf community who dismiss Big John as a redneck who can't play golf. However, us here at SEC Tailgate stand firmly behind our golfing hero!!!

"John Daly's in pretty good shape at sweltering Southern Hills. While sucking on cigs and pounding diet sodas, the two-time major winner turned in a 3-under 67 to take the clubhouse lead at the PGA Championship"

Photo: Memphis


Lamar Echols said...

The second day of play has been delayed due to bad weather. John is not expected to tee off until after 3:00 eastern time.

Check back here in the comments for updates.

Lamar Echols said...

I just got an email for someone looking for updates. There is a new thread with updates up above of this post. It is the one with the picture of Daly with a trophy.