Monday, July 30, 2007

Top Cop in Athens Speaks About UGA Football Arrests

This is an ugly story but it must be reported. It looks like this is not the only news source covering the UGA football arrests. UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson was contacted by the AJC about the number of football players who have been arrested.

From the AJC, "Williamson said his force is not targeting athletes. He said he, too, hates to read in the newspaper that Georgia football players — or UGA students in general, for that matter — have gotten into trouble with the law."

“Just because they play football doesn’t remove them from handling the responsibilities we all have,” Williamson said. “It could be argued that it’s even more important since thet are football players. But my officers probably didn’t know whether they played football or not. And even if they did, should that make a difference? Let’s say these officers cut these kids a break and it gets back to the NCAA. Where would we be now?”

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