Monday, July 30, 2007

Former Auburn Coach Terrry Bowden Hired by Daddy, Well Sort Of

According to news reports, "Bowden will not be a coach at FSU, instead, he will be an observer. Sounds like the former Auburn coach is ready to make a return to the coaching scene after spending the past few years in the press box."

It will be interesting to see if something more comes of this move by Terry Bowden. Could his dad be setting it up for him to take over at FSU? I find this to be very doubtful, considering Jimbo Fisher is roaming the sidelines. Also, I don't think the powerful boosters would be keen on the idea. At best, this could open up an opportunity for Terry to coach elsewhere.

We should keep in mind Terry had a 47-16-1 record while at Auburn. For more information on Terry Bowden visit his official website:

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