Monday, July 30, 2007

Dave Rowe Finished at LF

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It has come to our attention here at SEC Tailgate that Dave Rowe will no longer be employed at Lincoln Financial Sports. For the past 12 years SEC fans have dreaded the news that their team would be appearing on LF Sports.
Games with LF Sports always bring to mind two things. First, in the central time zone it means arriving at the stadium around 10:30 am in order to get seated for the 11:30 am kickoff while suffering in the heat of the deep south while still recovering from a late Friday night. Second, if you are watching on TV it means hearing some of the worst color commentary in all of sports. In fact, this past season I started listening to the commentary from satellite radio to avoid the dreadful comments by the LF Sports team. Despite a 3o second delay, the radio was the wiser choice.
We can only hope that Lincoln Financial Sports will hire a new commentator worthy of calling Southeastern Conference football.
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